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Eric Lavoie is Stack8's Senior Unified Communications Solutions Specialist. He helps customers with their Unified Communications needs from architecture and design to upgrades, maintenance and migration of their Cisco systems.

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Using LUA Script to Allow SIP-Based Phones to Dial from the CUCM Corporate Directory

Posted by Eric Lavoie on Mar 29, 2017 7:01:00 AM

If you sync your Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) to an enterprise directory, such as Microsoft Active Directory, and the phone format is entered in a fancy “human-friendly” way, users with SIP-based phones will have some issues to dial.

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Topics: Cisco Unified Communications Manager, LUA script, SIP Profile, corporate directory, normalization script

4 steps to capture the log of an intermittent event in Cisco IOS with EEM

Posted by Eric Lavoie on Feb 4, 2016 8:00:00 AM


Do you keep dropping calls in your Cisco Unified Communications System and can't figure out why? You are not alone. This is a problem I often troubleshoot for many of our clients. The first and most challenging step to resolving this issue is obtaining a log of the issue when it arrives to help you troubleshoot. 

Some people may opt to use a syslog server in Cisco IOS, however, messages are carried over UDP so you can lose some of them or the rate limiting feature may not send all the information you need.

In my case, many of our clients do not have a syslog infrastructure and as we are managing multiple clients, I could not keep my computer connected to one specific client all day waiting for this intermittent failed call to reoccur.

I needed a simple and efficient way to identify the issue and capture all the log information to allow me to effectively troubleshoot the cause and fix the problem.



Obtaining a log of an intermittent failed call to the PSTN.


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Topics: Network, Cisco Unified Communications Manager

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