How to do a forensic search within a Cisco CUCM CDR (Call Detail Record)

Posted by Stack8 Marketing on Mar 31, 2016 11:27:14 AM

Your company is using Cisco Unified Communications and all is running smoothly until you suddenly receive a call from the receptionist that Emergency Services has just arrived at your front door following up on a 911 call that was made from someone inside the company and you need to find out who dialed the number. Or maybe you just received the monthly invoice from your Telco provider and you need to find out who has been repeatedly calling overseas to a country that you do not do business with. Does one of these situations sound familiar?

So what is the best way to find the answer to these questions? In both cases, the solution is to open Cisco Unified CM CDR Analysis and Reporting tool, export the raw data into an excel table then begin your forensic search for that needle in the haystack. The CDR extract is useful when you need to troubleshoot failed calls, find all long-distance calls or simply list all calls made by a specific individual for an HR related request. However, it is raw data and not formatted in a user friendly way; to make things even more challenging, Cisco Unified Communications Manager 10.5(2) or higher now includes 120 fields for each call, making a simple search request quite complex. So where do we begin?



Our challenge is to forensically identify specific search criteria in a simple and easy way without combing through massive amounts of data.


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Topics: Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Call Detail Record

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