EPC and EPCM The Telecommunications Quagmire

EPC & EPCM: The Stone in Your Boot…The Telecommunication Quagmire

Compiled by Steven Mulherron & Nathalie Bechbache Stack8 Project Management and Governance Office  


EPC and EPCM service firms face unique challenges with regards to implementing unified communications for greenfield and brownfield projects.

For Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services firms, failure to maintain communication control is not an option. 

Complex operations and data requirements, coupled with highly collaborative work processes, often between multiple on-site and off-site locations rely upon robust telecommunications and collaboration tools. These communication challenges are further compounded by the scope of deliverables, schedules, and price sets.

Inability to meet prescribed performance guarantees can put the future of the project at risk. In addition, performance and scheduled liquidated damages increase costs which can potentially eliminate or negatively impact profitability.

 At the same time that large capital projects are growing in costs and complexities, there is a revolution occurring in Unified Communications:  Presence, single number reach, mobility, and video — are coming together to become the innovative platform of the future. 

 Gain insights into communication challenges and solutions for EPC/EPCM firms including:

  • Scalability
  • Stability
  • Emergency Health and Safety Compliance
  • Network and Security Services